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Holdings Beginning With "H"
UA 5.146 H. (Harold Alfred) Reid Papers, 1970-1992
Mss. MsV Ap17 H. J. Grove Ledger, 1828-1838
UA 7.011 H2E Club Records, 1927-1932
Mss. MsV Nla8 Charles E. S. Haas Notebook, 1848-1849
Mss. Acc. 2012.100 Haddonfield Natural Science Club (Haddonfield, New Jersey) Minute Book, 1921-1926
Mss. MsV D25 Robert Gaines Haile Diary, 1862
Mss. Acc. 2011.425, 2011.517, and 2011.623 Evelyn M. Hailey Papers, circa 1970s-1990s
Mss. 90 H14 Hall Family Papers, 1810-2007 and undated
Mss. Acc. 2005.63 Caroline Minturn Hall Bride's Gift Book, 1909
Mss. Acc. 1999.19a and Additions Channing M. Hall III Williamsburg, Virginia Papers, 1996-2004
Mss. Acc. 1992.66, 2005.16 Channing Moore Hall Papers, 1920-1953
UA 6.021 John Lesslie Hall Papers, 1885-1928
Mss. 78 H14 John Lesslie Hall, Jr. Papers, 1893-1973
Mss. 83 H14 Karen Hall Papers, 1980-2002
Mss. Sm Coll Hall Sarah Hall to Harriet Elvira Jones Letter, 1849
UA 5.066 Virginia Wilson Halliday Papers, 1936-1951
Mss. Acc. 2009.139 and 2011.520 Hamilton Family Papers, 1892-2003
Mss. Acc. 1994.49 Frances H. Hamilton Collection, 1907-1920's
Mss. Acc. 2011.188 Katherine Hamilton Diary, 1890-1897
Mss. 39.2 H17 Phillip Hamman Papers, 1768-1787
UA 40 Hampton Roads-Peninsula War Studies Committee Records, circa 1940s
Mss. MsV Ap19 E. G. Hancock Account Book, 1857-1859
Mss. 84s H19 A. H. Hand Papers, 1835, 2009
Mss. Acc. 1992.26 Langdon T. Hankins Daybook and Ledger, 1921-1930
UA 6.071 E. Rae Harcum Papers, 1996-2000
Mss. Sm Coll Harding Chester Harding Letter, circa 1824
Mss. Acc. 2009.050 Victor M. Harding Christmas Diary, 1902-1940
UA 73 Warren G. Harding Letter, 1921
Mss. MsV Ame H1 Hardware Merchant's Journal, 1877-1879
UA 5.016 Elise B. Hardy Papers, 1933-1935
Mss. Acc. 2011.527 John M. Hardy Papers, 1867-1913
Mss. MsV Ap20 H. Harman Memorandum Book, 1863-1864
Mss. MsV Ame W1 Harper, Hardy & Co. Invoice Book, 1840
Mss. Acc. 2014.006 Curtis West Harris and Ruth Jones Harris Papers, 1950-2012
Mss. Acc. 2010.772 Hiram Harris Letter, 1845
Mss. 39.2 H23 James Harris Papers, 1845-1854
Mss. Sm Coll Harris, John John Harris Biographical Letter, 1859
Mss. Acc. 2004.07 Thaddeus S. Harris Account Books, 1855-1868
Mss. 39.2 H24 Thomas W. Harris Papers, 1837-1889
Mss. MsV Nm4 Warren Harris Notebook, 1795
Mss. Sm Coll Harris, William A. William Alexander Harris Biographical Letter, 1858
Mss. Sm Coll Harris, William William Harris to David Harris Letter, 1784
Mss. MsV Ame48 Harrison & Keller Journal, 1853-1877
Mss. 65 H25 Fairfax Harrison Papers, 1736-1945
Mss. 65 H26 Francis Burton Harrison Papers, 1873-1957
UA 5.080 George Fisher Harrison Papers, 1841-1843
Mss. Acc. 2006.14 Martha W. Harrison  to Thomas Randolph Letter, 1807
Mss. 39.2 H27 Peachy G. Harrison Papers, 1881-1886
Mss. SI Harrison Robert Monroe Harrison to Abel P. Upshur, 1843
Mss. Sm Coll Add.36 William Henry Harrison Letter, 1876
Mss. MsV Ame13u Oversize Harrisonburg, Va. Merchant's Account Book, 1830-1839
Mss. MsV Ame30u Oversize Harrisonburg, Va. Merchant's Account Book, 1858-1859
Mss. Acc. 2008.112 Hart Collection, 1762-1913
Mss. 39.1 H29 Hart Papers I and II, 1847-1934
Mss. Acc. 2008.114 and 2009.187 George Michener Hart Collection on Moncure Robinson, 1816-1919
Mss. Acc. 2009.502 Lydia H. Hart Diary, 1813, 1823-1831, 1875
Mss. Acc. 2007.79 Maximilian Hartman Diaries, 1861-1862
Mss. Acc. 2011.653 Ingeborg Hartmann Diary, 1939-1940
Mss. Sm Coll Harvey William Harvey Bill of Complaint, 1786
Mss. MsV S2 Oversize John H. Harvey Record Book, 1901-1903
Mss. Sm Coll Harvie John Harvie Supply Request for Chippewa Indians, undated
UA 6.039 Francis Haserot Papers, circa 1936-1947
Mss. 39.2 H31 Hatfield Papers, 1845-1890
Mss. Sm Coll Hathaway Silas Hathaway  to Joseph White Deed, 1831
Mss. Acc. 1997.17 Virginia B. Haughwout Papers, 1951-1955
Mss. Acc. 2008.134A Zelda Haus Papers, 1922-1927
Mss. Acc. 2011.726 Hilda Haworth Diary, circa 1942-1943
UA 5.144 Randall S. Hawthorne Papers, 1935-2014
Mss. Sm Coll Hay John Hay Papers, 1897-1904
Mss. Acc. 2008.279 Elizabeth Hayes Papers, 1924-1938
Mss. Acc. 1997.12, 1997.20, 1997.44 Hugh Haynie Papers, 1962-1996
UA 229 Office of Health Education Records, 2005
Mss. Sm Coll Healy George P. A. Healy Letter, 1868
Mss. Acc. 2006.40 The Heart of Old Virginia, 1907
Mss. 75 H36 Heffelfinger Family Papers, 1898-1913
UA 230 Help Unlimited Records, 1975-1992
Mss. Acc. 2011.428 Henderson Family Papers, circa 1890s-1920s
Mss. Acc. 1998.15 Christine Henderson Scrapbook, 1920-1924
Mss. MsV Ab20 Oversize James Hendrick Account Book, 1831-1834
UA 5.067 Robert C. Hendrick Photograph Album, 1947-1951
Mss. 39.1 H38 Henkel Family Papers, 1783-1874
Mss. Acc. 2007.113 Henkel Plain Mills Store Daybook, 1835-1849
Mss. 65 H39 John Turner Henley Papers, 1857-1921
Mss. Acc. 2002.59 and 2005.19 Leonard Henley, Jr. Collection, 1872-1873
Mss. Sm Coll Henley Samuel Henley Letter, circa 1775-1800
UA 6.023 Samuel Henley Papers, 1772-2012
Mss. MsV Ame4 Oversize Henry Bedinger Account Book, 1794-1840
Mss. MsV Ame3 Oversize Henry Bedinger Invoice Book, 1785-1796
Mss. MsV Ame2 Henry Bedinger Ledger "B", 1774-1802
Mss. Sm Coll Hoar Henry C. Hoar Memorial Collection, 1861-circa 1966
Mss. MsV Li1 Henry E. Guerrant Play, 1823
Mss. MsV Ame76 Henry N. Kagey Ledger, 1832-1871
Mss. MsV Ac4 Henry Neff Account Book, 1837-1861
Mss. MsV Ami G17-18 Henry Robinson Journals, 1803-1804
Mss. MsV D2 Henry Toler Diary, 1782-1786
Mss. 39.2 H41, 2006.59 Patrick Henry Papers, 1778-1927
UA 5.082 Rene A. Henry Papers, 1945-2013
Mss. 39.2 H42 John C. Hensell Papers, 1850-1860
Mss. Acc. 2000.74 Herbert H. Bateman Congressional Papers, 1956-2000
Mss. Acc. 2012.291 Richard E. Herbster Papers, circa 2000s
Mss. Acc. 2012.315 Edgar Carl Herman Diaries, 1912-1922
Mss. Acc. 1992.53 Frederick Herman Collection, 1788-1956
Mss. MsV Ame50 George W. Hershberger Journal, 1873-1875
Mss. MsV Ame51-52 Oversize Abraham Hewes Journals, 1795-1805
Mss. MsV Ame53-54 Oversize Hibble and Stubbs Account Books, 1854-1859
Mss. Acc. 2010.682 Hickman-Archer-Davis Papers, 1908-1969
Mss. Acc. 1994.57 and Additions Hickory Neck Church Records, 1721-2011
Mss. Acc. 2007.18 Roger Lee Hicks Letters, 1967-1970
Mss. Acc. 2012.368 M.L. Higgins Diary, 1862
Mss. Acc. 2004.30 High School Morning Announcement, Williamsburg (Va.), 1950
Mss. MsV Sc12 Oversize Abbie Louisa Hill Scrapbook, circa 1874-1884
Mss. 82s H55 D. H. Hill Papers, 1863
Mss. 81s H55 Daniel Harvey Hill Papers, 1861-1865
Mss. Acc. 2008.48 Minnie A. Hill Papers, 1865-1869
Mss. Acc. 2010.496 Nellie M. Hill Diaries, 1909-1938
Mss. MsV Sc13 Florence Hillyard Scrapbook, 1897-1918
Mss. 65 H56 Hilton Village Papers, 1918-1960
Mss. Acc. 2008.125 Philip P. Hines Diary and Bible, 1851
UA 5.081 Virginia E. Hinkins Scrapbook, 1933-1937
Mss. MsV D19 Sarah Virginia Weight Hinton Diary, 1855-1862
Mss. Acc. 2009.197 Harry H. Hipple Diary, 1937
Mss. MsV Ap24 Hiram Martz Account Book, 1833-1860
Mss. MsV Ame55-57 Hirshes & Webb Ledgers, 1840-1864
Mss. MsV Ad101-102 George A. Hise Account Books, 1886-1901
UA 7.041 Hispanic Cultural Organization Records, 1999-[ongoing]
Mss. Acc. 2008.350 Hispanic Society of America Postcard Collection, circa 1921-1928
UA 228 Historic Campus Records, 1929-[ongoing]
UA 237 Institute for Historical Biology Records, 2003-2004
Mss. Acc. 2002.40 Historical Pageant of Colonial Jamestown, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Inc. Records, 1939
Mss. Acc. 2012.412 History of the Case of the Commonwealth vs. Lee and Burwell Reynolds, circa 1880
UA 41 Department of History Records, 1959-2010
Mss. 39.2 H63 Hite Papers, 1861-1863
Mss. Sm Coll Hite F. A. Hite to R. Gilkerson Letter, 1853
UA 6.072 Albert Hoak Scrapbook, circa 1947-1977
Mss. Sm Coll Hoakerly Robert Hoakerly to George Eddie Letter, 1782
Mss. MsV Nla3 Hoban Law Digest, 1801-1835
Mss. Acc. 2013.045 Calvin Hobart Account Book, 1808-1841
Mss. Acc. 2010.776 Lewis Hobbs Letters, 1864-1865
Mss. Acc. 2011.490 George S. Hochberg Letters, circa 1945
UA 6.040 William T. Hodges Papers, 1921-1924
Mss. 39.2 H66 Hodgson Papers, 1805-1874
Mss. Acc. 2013.287 T.S. Hodgson, Camps near Yorktown, Virginia to Joseph Hodgson, Rich Valley PO, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 1862 April 14
Mss. MsV Ame58-60 John Hoffman Account Books, 1786-1816
Mss. Acc. 2010.744 Michael Dennis Hoffman Letters, 1968-1969
Mss. 39.1 H67 Samuel Owings Hoffman Letters, 1821-1857
UA 231 Hoi Polloi Records, 1974-1983
UA 6.024 Kremer J. Hoke Papers, 1920-1942 and undated
Mss. 39.2 H71 Holladay-Poindexter Papers, 1835-1874
Mss. 65 H72 Holland Family Papers, 1795-1835
UA 5.078 Joe Holland Scrapbooks, 1939-1941
Mss. MsV M1 Gray G. Hollaway Surgeon's Case Book, 1896-1924
Mss. Sm Coll Holleman Joel Holleman Letter, 1839
Mss. 39.2 H72 Hollingsworth Papers, 1838-1895
UA 6.070 David L. Holmes Papers, 1974-[ongoing]
Mss. 65 H73 George Frederick Holmes Papers, 1790-1898
Mss. 39.2 H74 Holt & Carrigan Papers, 1838-1850
Mss. Acc. 2014.022 Samuel M. Holt Log Book, 1880-1922
Mss. 39.2 H75 Caroline Homassel Papers, 1796-1811
UA 207 Department of Home Economics Records, 1921-1971
UA 7.045 Honor Council Records, 1922-[ongoing]
UA 118 Honors Program Records, 1960-1985
Mss. Acc. 2010.168 Hook and Ladder Company 9 (New York, N.Y.) Daybook, 1884
Mss. Acc. 2010.704 E. H. Hook Diary, 1820-1871
Mss. 65 H77 James Barron Hope Papers (I), 1790-1965
Mss. 93 H77 James Barron Hope Papers (II), 1820-1923
Mss. MsV Ac29 John W. Hopewell Account Book, 1874-1902
Mss. 84 H77 Frank Snowden Hopkins Papers, 1905-1995
Mss. 85 Se8 Sewell Hopkins Papers, 1881-1984
Mss. 85 Se85 Sewell Hopkins Reports, 1940-1950
Mss. Acc. 2007.108 Frances G. Hoppin Papers, 1917-1918
UA 233 Horatian Bimillenium Records, 1935
Mss. MsV Ame1 Horatio Alden Journal, 1825-1834
Mss. Acc. 2013.226 Helen M. Hoskins Papers, 1839-1868
Mss. Acc. 2009.038 Caroline C. Hotaling Diary, 1870
Mss. Acc. 2013.254 Sarah R. Houghland Papers, 1976-1980
UA 39 Hourly and Classified Employees Association (HACE) Records, 1986-2010
Mss. MsV P3 The House of Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States Photographed from Life during the Triennial Convention, 1862
Mss. Acc. 2009.264 Houstater Family Papers, 1842-1941
UA 369 How Old is Old Children's Booklet, 1992
Mss. 39.2 H83 Charles Howard Papers, 1865-1879
Mss. Acc. 2009.378 Martin S. Howard Papers, 1870s-1880s
Mss. Acc. 2009.481 Maude A. Howdershell and Milton F. Kerrick Papers, 1909-1919
Mss. Acc. 2009.141 Dorothy E. Howe Scrapbooks, 1923-1927
Mss. Acc. 2008.103 Gwendolen Howe Baby Journal, 1882-1887
Mss. Acc. 2010.192 Silas Howe Journal, 1850-1854
Mss. Acc. 2011.432 and 2012.054 Virginia Howell Papers, circa 1940s
Mss. 65 H84 Philip Howerton Papers, 1812-1870
Mss. 39.2 H835 Robert Reid Howison Papers, undated
Mss. Acc. 2009.585 Elizabeth E. Hoyt Composition Book, 1838-1843
Mss. Acc. 2010.178 Nathan P. Huckins Journal, 1843-1845
Mss. Acc. 2001.29 J. Paul Hudson Papers, 1930-1998
Mss. Acc. 2011.009 Margaret Hudson Diary, 1886
Mss. MsV D31 A. E. C. Hughes Diary, 1866
Mss. MsV Mi11 Hughes Gold Mining and Milling Company Minute Book, 1905
UA 5.147 Floyd Hughes Papers, 1869-1908
Mss. 65 H88 Robert Morton Hughes Papers, 1715-1940
UA 5.013 Robert Morton Hughes Papers, 1870-1936
Mss. 39.2 H87 Robert William Hughes Papers, 1818-1900
Mss. MsV Ame61-63 Oversize. Hughes, Stubbs & Co. Account Books, 1844-1847
Mss. Sm Coll Hughes Thomas Jefferson Hughes Papers, 1835-1899
Mss. Acc. 2010.777 Hull Coal Company Records, circa 1910s-1940s
Mss. MsV Ame64 Hull Family Ledger, 1836-1846
UA 5.059 B. Traver Hulse Scrapbook, 1931-1933
UA 273 Human Resources Records, 1946-2014
UA 46 Humanities Division Records, 1948-ongoing
Mss. Sm Coll Humphrey Hubert H. Humphrey to W. Brooks George Letter, 1967
UA 6.028 Althea Hunt Papers, 1890-1971
UA 5.174 Hunter B. Andrews Papers, 1938-2005
Mss. Acc. 1988.33 Charles Hunter Notes, 1988
Mss. MsV Nla12 David Hunter Notebook, 1830-1840
Mss. Sm Coll Hutcheson-Short Hutcheson-Short Papers, 1943-1967