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Holdings Beginning With "L"
Mss. MsV Lev2 L. C. Watts Receipt Book, 1887-1909
Mss. MsV Nge1 L. D. Switler Notebook, 1870-1870
Mss. MsV Nla7 L. J. Bell Notebook, 1840-1860
SC 00059 L.W. Lane, Jr. Letters, 1906
UA 181.1 Lacrosse Records, 1973-2010
Mss. Acc. 2011.028 Sarah Ladd Diary, 1862
Mss. Acc. 2010.701 Ladies' Soldiers' Aid Society Minute Book, 1862-1865
SC 00115 Lady Nancy Astor to Mrs. Margaret Bailey Letters, 1952, 1953
Mss. Sm Coll Lafayette Marquis de Lafayette letter to Lewis Morris, 1781
Mss. 81s L2 Marquis de Lafayette Letter to Genl. Nathanael Greene, 1781
Mss. SI Laffan I. de Courcy Laffan to Thomas Ritchie, 1841
Mss. Acc. 2011.617 Radha Mohan Lal B.A. Diaries, 1915-1922
Mss. Acc. 2004.05 L. Q. C. Lamar to Beverly Tucker Letter, circa 1883
Mss. 39.1 L16 William Lamb Papers, 1835-1909
Mss. Sm Coll Lambdin James R. Lambdin to Thomas Sully Letter, 1845
UA 6.067 J. Wilfred Lambert Papers, 1927-1986
Mss. 65 L18 Lambert-Sheetz Family Papers, 1818-1907
Mss. Acc. 2010.118 Ruth Daisy Lamon Diary, 1935
Mss. Acc. 2008.16 Lancaster, Pennsylvania Poetry Journals, 1828-1835
Mss. Acc. 1997.16 Land Title Act Passed by the General Assembly, 1748 and 1819
UA 6.012 Robert Hunt Land Papers, 1938-1942
UA 5.164 William E. Land Scrapbook, circa 1937-1972
SC 00025 Thomas Landers Letter, 1862 February 20
Mss. Acc. 2011.190 Landon Family Papers, 1877-1926
UA 6.013 Grace Warren Landrum Papers, 1890-1995
Mss. 90 L24 The Reverend Henry Gardiner Lane Memorial Collection, 1799-1938
UA 5.091 Marion Sargent Lane Scrapbook, circa 1928-1930
MS 00098 Lanetta Merriweather Women's Army Corps Letters, 1937- 1945
Mss. 39.2 L25 William Langborn Papers, 1783-1837
MS 00094 Langley Air Field Photograph Album, 1918- 1919
UA 5.069 Elizabeth Winston Lanier Papers, 1926-1988
Mss. 65 L27 Julius John Lankes Collection, 1917-1946
UA 5.079 Chiles T. A. Larson Photograph Collection, 1956-1995
SC 00014 Carl Laskey Letters, 1951
Mss. 39.1 L33 Lassiter Papers, 1861-1928
Mss. MsV Ad109-111 Charles Trotter Lassiter Notebooks, 1891-1896
Mss. MsV Ad108 Francis Rives Lassiter Notebook, 1897
UA 7.057 Latin American Student Union Records, 2008-2012
Mss. MsV Ngr2 Latin and Greek Verse Notebook, 1861-1865
Mss. MsV Nl1 Latin Exercise Book, 1672-1684. 1721
Mss. Acc. 2015.076 Norman E. Lau Papers, 1929-1950
Mss. MsV D26 Laura Lee Diary, 1862-1865
MS 00067 Laura Polanyi Striker Papers
Mss. 88 L39 and Additions Linda Lavin Papers, 1940-1995
Mss. MsV Nla13 Law Notes Notebook, circa mid 1800's
Mss. MsV Sc 14 Kattie W. Law Scrapbook, circa 1863-1875
Mss. Acc. 2011.562 William J. Lawler Diary, 1943
Mss. Acc. 2010.703 A. J. Lawrence Account Book, 1857-1883
Mss. Acc. 2006.29, 2009.395 Bill Lawrence Papers, 1996-2008
Mss. Acc. 2009.299 Clara L. Lawrence Papers, 1763, 1883-1888, 1909-1939
UA 5.194 Thomas W. Lawrence Essay, 1905 June 2
Mss. Acc. 2009.565 Alfred G. Lawson Log and Scrapbook, 1917-1919
Mss. 39.2 L44 Robert Lawson Papers, 1794-1840
Mss. Acc. 2012.042 Ann M. Lawton Autograph Album, 1876-1887
Mss. 39.2 L45 Benjamin Layman Papers, 1752-1815
Mss. Acc. 2015.215 Layne Fraser Dyer Papers, circa 1959-2015
UA 5.189 Wilford Leach Play, undated
Mss. MsV D36 Anthony Morris Leafdale Diary (copy), 1899-1911
Mss. 76 L47 League of Women Voters of the Williamsburg Area Records, 1932- 2012
Mss. Sm Coll Leake A. K. Leake Papers, 1872-1940
Mss. MsV Ad112 Andrew Kean Leake Account Book, 1869-1886
UA 374 Learning Odysseys Records, 1992-2013
Mss. Acc. 2012.036 Goldie Leatherman Scrapbook, 1942-1945
MS 00092 Leatitia P. (Gregory) Ware Scrapbook, Circa 1830's
Mss. 39.1 L48 Abner Johnson Leavenworth Papers, 1825-1850
Mss. MsV Ame3u Oversize Ledger of Unknown Merchant, 1792-1801
Mss. MsV Ame25u Ledger, 1853-1854
Mss. Acc. 2010.502 Ledger (New Hampshire), 1849-1850, 1867-1868, 1892
Mss. Acc. 2011.374 Ledger (New Market, Virginia), 1880-1881
Mss. Acc. 2010.504 Ledger (Pennsylvania), 1895-1903
Mss. Acc. 2011.086 Ledger (Wilmington, N.C.), 1878-1880
MS 00095 Ledger for Sale of Bacon, Lard, and Tobacco, 1825- 1828
Mss. MsV Ame F2 Ledger of Unknown Shipping Merchant, 1780-1784
Mss. Acc. 1993.06-01 and Mss. Acc. 1995.27 Lee Family Papers, 1858-1976
Mss. MsV Ac23-24 Absalom Lee Account Books, 1854-1869
Mss. Sm Coll Lee, Arthur Arthur Lee Philanthropos Address to Virginia General Assembly, 1767
Mss. Sm Coll Lee, Charles Charles Lee to William Lee Letter, 1793
Mss. 39.2 L51 Edmund J. Lee Papers, 1829-1841
Mss. 72s L51 Fitzhugh Lee Papers, 1866-1887
Mss. 65 L51 and Acc. 2011.285 Francis P. Lee Papers, 1727-1930
Mss. Sm Coll Lee, Henry Henry Lee Letter, 1794
MS 00026 Josephine Parsons Lee Scrapbook, circa 1957-1986
Mss. Acc. 2008.281 Mary Custis Lee Genealogy Query, circa 1882
Mss. 81s L51 Richard Bland Lee Papers, 1794-1812
Mss. Sm Coll Lee, Richard Henry Richard Henry Lee to John Page Letter, 1778
Mss. Sm Coll Lee, Robert E. Robert E. Lee to Winfield Scott Letter, 1855
Mss. 39.2 L52 Robert E. Lee Papers, 1829-1937
Mss. Sm Coll Add.10 Lee-Ewell Photostat Letters, 1864
Mss. Acc. 2009.534 Lena Leidigh Diary, 1928-1930
Mss. Sm Coll Leigh Benjamin Watkins Leigh to John M. Clayton Letter, 1846
UA 82 Lemon Project Collection
Mss. Acc. 2010.773 Lenoir County (North Carolina) Public School Register, 1887-1895
Mss. 39.2 L55 Moses Leonard Papers, 1758-1792
UA 7.010 Lesbian and Gay Union Records, 1980-1997
Mss. Sm Coll Leslie Charles R. Leslie Letter, undated
Mss. 81s L56 John Letcher Papers, 1860-1875
Mss. Acc. 2008.05 Letter, 1847 June 21, of M. Maury, New York to Rutson Maury Liverpool., 1847-1847
SC 00079 Letter to Mrs. T. H. Bliss, 1899 March 16
Mss. Acc. 2013.220 Letter, James DeLancey, New York, N.Y. to William Kempe, Greenwich, England, 1759 March 27
Mss. Acc. 2012.034 Letterbooks (Edinburgh, Scotland), 1913, 1916
UA 6.107 John M. Levy Papers, 1993-2007 and undated
Mss. Acc. 1997.26 Cotesworth P. Lewis Papers, 1938-1995
Mss. 39.1 L58 Dangerfield Lewis Papers, 1799-1854
Mss. MsV Cp6 F. A. Lewis Letter Copybook, 1838-1871
Mss. MsV Ns4 Fielding Lewis Notebook, circa 1826
Mss. Acc. 2009.383 H. M. Lewis Papers, 1932-1934
Mss. MsV Scp3 J.F. Lewis Scrapbook and Ledger, 1844-1855
Mss. Acc. 2010.022 John W. Lewis and Lewis P. Olds Papers, 1808-1900s
Mss. MsV Aa6 Thomas Lewis Account Book, 1833-1863
Mss. Acc. 2007.42 Weldon E. Lewis, Jr. Papers, 1943-1945
Mss. Acc. 2010.705 Lewiston & Auburn Musical Union Account Book, 1899-1917
Mss. MsV I2 Oversize Lexington Gazette Advertising Index, 1900
Mss. MsV Ami T2 Oversize Lexington Milling Co. Ledger, 1840-1846
Mss. MsV Su1 Lexington Newsletter and Western Virginia Telegraph Subscription Book, 1818-1825
Mss. MsV Ame19u Lexington, Va. Merchant's Inventory, 1838-1839
Mss. MsV Ame15u Oversize Lexington, Va. Merchant's Journal, 1834
Mss. MsV Ch8 Lexington, Va. Sunday School Union Proceedings, 1830-1835
Mss. MsV Afu7 Liberty Furnace (Shenandoah County, Va.) Account Book, 1853-1854
UA 252 Librarians' Assembly Records, 2003-2005
SC 00028 Library Association [Williamsburg, Va. ?] Broadside, undated
UA 209 Department of Library Science Records, 1938-1947
UA 7.025 Licivyronean Literary Society Records, 1839-1847
Mss. 65 Lit L62 Hapsburg Liebe Stories, 1910-1953
Mss. 39.1 L62 Philip Lightfoot Papers, 1778-1800
Mss. Acc. 2010.485 Lillie A. Waterman Diaries, 1913-1914
Mss. Acc. 2008.197 Linda Carol Friend Adams Papers, 1998-2008
Mss. 39.2 L64 Andrew Lindamood Papers, 1768-1817
Mss. Acc. 1993.01 Charles A. Lindbergh Letters, 1944
UA 5.033 George W. Lindsay Diary, 1858
Mss. Acc. 2008.339 Lindsey and Gladden Family Papers, 1893-1912
UA 7.064 Lips: Expressions of Female Sexuality Records, 2007-2012
UA 5.093 Charles E. Lipscomb Papers, 1890-1930
Mss. 39.4 Lit Literary Addresses, Articles, Essays, Poetry and Short Stories, 1808-1938
Mss. Sm Coll Little A. Little Letter, 1776
Mss. Acc. 2005.50 Ann Little Papers, 1947-1967
Mss. 82s L72 Francis Little Collection, 1770-1864
UA 5.122 Henry Moncure Little Scrapbook, 1930-1977
Mss. 39.2 L72 Lewis Peyton Little Papers, 1918-1936
Mss. MsV Ch5 Littleton Clayvell Memorandum Book, 1829-1880
Mss. MsV Ch3 Littleton Parish Register, 1840-1902
Mss. Acc. 2008.49 Stephen and Mary Ann Livermore Papers, 1842-1859
UA 253 Living Wage Campaign Collection, 1991-2012
UA 6.068 James C. Livingston Papers, 1966-2011
Mss. MsV Auto11 Lizzie Starke Autograph Album, 1876-1877
Mss. Acc. 2012.322 Lloyd Carter Papers, circa 1920s
Mss. Acc. 2009.182 Lloyd Hartman Diary, 1937-1941
Mss. Acc. 2009.201 Ella Lockwood Diary, 1874
Mss. Acc. 2008.265 Oliver Lodge to John Melville Jennings Letter Regarding Sir Christopher Wren, 1946
Mss. 39.2 L82 Deborah Logan Papers, 1829-1885
Mss. 39.2 L83 R. H. Logan Papers, 1895-1899
MS 00082 Lois Hornsby Collection of Williamsburg Ephemera, circa 1965-2013
Mss. Sm Coll Lomax John Tayloe Lomax to Robert Beverley Letter, 1812
UA 362 The London Chronicle, 1770 June 7-9
Mss. 39.2 L85 Long Papers, 1829-1868
Mss. Acc. 2008.84 Thomas Long Papers, 1999-2007
UA 5.063 William Ivey Long Papers, 2000-2004
MS 00105 Lou Onofrio WWI Letters, 1916-1919
Mss. MsV Auto8 Lou Richardson Autograph Album, 1881-1884
Mss. MsV Ac5-10, Ac14 and Ac15 T. H. Love and John B. Winfree Account Books, 1868-1873
Mss. Sm Coll Loveland Thomas Loveland Writ, 1809
Mss. Acc. 2012.314 Gertrude Lovett Diaries, 1953-1960
Mss. 94 L95 Carter Lowance Papers, 1860-1993
Mss. Sm Coll Lowndes Thomas Lowndes Letter, 1831
Mss. Acc. 2014.023 Dennis Loy Papers, 1952-1993 and undated
Mss. Acc. 2005.35 Dr. Peter P. Ludlow and Dr. Alexander Somervail Medical Accounts, 1811-1834
Mss. Acc. 2009.456 Lawrence F. Ludtke Diary, 1938-1942
Mss. 39.2 L96 Philip Ludwell Papers, 1716
Mss. Acc. 2009.368, Mss. 2012.231 Louis W. Luedkte Papers, 1978-2002
Mss. MsV Alu7 Oversize Lumberyard Owner's Account Book, 1856-1857
Mss. MsV Lev10 Lunenburg County, Va. Docket, 1843
Mss. MsV T3 Lunenburg County, Va. Sheriff's Tax Book, 1843
Mss. MsV Ad239A-240A Luther M. Welch Account Books, 1853-1856
Mss. 65 L97 Luttrell-Cooke Papers, 1820-1900
UA 5.040 Emily Harrell Lynch Papers, 1938-1946
Mss. MsV Sc15 Cassie Moncure Lyne Scrapbook, circa 1930-1943
Mss. Sm Coll Add.35 James Lyons Letter to Nathaniel B. Tucker, 1839