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Holdings Beginning With "N"
SC 00054 N. L. Michael Letters, 1967-1968
Mss. Acc. 2010.350 N.R.A. Roller Hockey Club (Allentown, Pa.) Minutes, 1934
Mss. Acc. 2010.007 Murray Nadel Papers, 1943-1981
Mss. Acc. 2010.731 Beatrice Nalser Letters, 1943-1945
Mss. MsV D15 Nanny C. Waller Diary, 1849-1851
UA 135 NASA Collection, 1988-1994
Mss. 39.2 N17 Cornelius Nash Papers, 1808-1830
MS 00071 Nassau, Cuba, and Deal, New Jersey Photograph Albums, circa 1920's
Mss. MsV Mi13 Naswango Temperance Society Minute Book, 1838
SC 00047 Nathan Cory Letter, 1862 April [May] 11
Mss. Acc. 2002.N213 National Cancer Legislation Advisory Committee Records, 1998-2001
Mss. Acc. 2008.120 National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, Lewis County, Missouri Minute Book, 1873-1875
UA 262 National Institute of American History and Democracy (NIAHD) Records, 2002-2006
Mss. MsV Ad127-131 National Parks Newspaper Clippings Scrapbooks, 1929-1929
UA 263 National Planned Giving Institute Records, 1993-2000
Mss. Acc. 2014.025 National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century. The Rev. James Blair Chapter Records, 1962-2011
Mss. Acc. 1993.44A and additions National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century. Virginia Society Records, 1951-2011
Mss. 65 N22 Naugle Collection, 1940
Mss. Acc. 2007.67 Naval Account Book, 1660-1661, 1771
Mss. Sm Coll Hoxie Ned Hoxie Papers, 1862
Mss. Acc. 1999.54, 2000.004, 2008.70 Stella Neiman Papers, 1938-1998
Mss. MsV T1 Nelson and Amherst Counties, Va. Tax Account Book, 1812-1848
Mss. MsV Lev11-12 Nelson County Va. Sheriff's Receipt Book, 1811-1837
Mss. MsV T4 Nelson County, Va. Tax Book, 1835
Mss. MsV Ame34 Nelson N. Fishback Ledger, 1821-1889
Mss. Sm Coll Nelson, Hugh Hugh Nelson Letter, circa 1811-1823
Mss. 39.2 N33 James Poyntz Nelson Papers, 1866-1926
Mss. MsV Ad121-125 James Poyntz Nelson Manuscript Volumes, 1883-1894 and undated
Mss. MsV Co4 Olive Nelson Commonplace Book, 1901
Mss. Acc. 2009.171 Paul Eugene Nelson Diary, 1942-1944
Mss. 39.1 N34 Robert Nelson Papers, 1845-1897
Mss. 39.2 N35 Robert E. Nelson Papers, 1852-1894
Mss. Sm Coll Nelson, Thomas, Jr.,  1776 Thomas Nelson, Jr. to [John?] Page Letter, 1776
Mss. Sm Coll Nelson, Thomas, Jr. 1774 Thomas Nelson, Jr. Affadavit, 1774
Mss. Acc. 2004.08 Thomas Nelson, Jr. to Thomas Jefferson Letter, 1781
Mss. Sm Coll Nelson, William William Nelson to William Gatewood Land Grant, 1771
Mss. Acc. 2002.50 Carl Neprud Papers, 1920-1976
UA 5.012 Frances C. Cosby Nettles Papers, 1931-1935
Mss. Acc. 1993.02 Mary A. Nevens Autograph Album, 1832-1837
Mss. Acc. 2007.75 New Hampshire Lumber Account Book, 1841-1843
Mss. MsV Ad126 New Market Polytechnic Institute, New Market, Va. Alumni Association Minute Book, 1877-1892
Mss. Acc. 2013.032 Robert Stevens, Jr. Letter, August 23, 1812
Mss. MsV An1-2 New Shenandoah Company Account Books, 1815-1860
Mss. MsV Mi14-15 New Shenandoah Company Minute Books, 1815-1857
Mss. 39.2 N42 Newburn-Bolton Papers, 1862-1870
Mss. MsV Af15 The Newcastle Memorandum book: Or, a Methodical Pocket-Journal, for the year 1764., 1764-1838
Mss. 39.2 N43 Newcastle-Macon Papers, 1868-1889
UA 5.207 John Lloyd Newcomb Note, 1897 April 22
UA 6.069 Curtis L. Newcombe Scrapbooks, 1940-1946
Mss. Acc. 2011.270 Joseph Keith Newell Diary, 1862
Mss. Acc. 2009.336 Harry Newman Papers, 1930-1932
Mss. MsV Ami G12 Walter Newman Ledger, 1862-1871
Mss. MsV Am12 Oversize Newsom J. Pittman Fee Book, 1839-1845
Mss. 84 N42 Blake T. Newton, Jr. Papers, 1939-1985
UA 340 President Gene R. Nichol Resignation and Response Collection, 2006-2008
Mss. Sm Coll Nicholas Wilson C. Nicholas Loan Request, 1800
Mss. Acc. 1990.31 Nicholson High School Commencement Program, 1911
Mss. Acc. 2003.02 Nicholson School (Williamsburg, Va.) Christmas Souvenir, 1903
UA 6.058 Francis Nicholson Papers, 1700-1705
Mss. 65 N59 Lee Nicholson Papers, 1827-1938
UA 5.126 Elizabeth Archer Barnard Nickels Papers, 1928-1953
Mss. 65 N52, 76 N52 and 93 N52 Nicolson Family Ledgers and Journals, 1802-1914
Mss. Acc. 2009.582 Carol Lee Nimon Diary, 1957
SC 00129 Nineteenth Century Invoices and Receipts Collection, 1804-1889
Mss. MsV Ame6 Ninian Boog Journal, 1750-1751
Mss. MsV Ame5 Ninian Boog Ledger A, 1748-1750
Mss. MsV Ame128 Ninian Boog Ledger B, 1750-1751
Mss. MsV Auto2 Nora Creina Braxton Macon Autograph Album, 1839-1844
Mss. 98 N75 Zelda Nordlinger Papers, 1969-1998
UA 86 Norfolk Division Records, 1942-1966
Mss. 39.2 N81 Northern Neck Collection, 1672-1936
Mss. Acc. 2011.670 J. G. Northrup Papers, 1917-1919
UA 5.092 Paul W. Norton Scrapbook, 1927-1931
Mss. MsV M4 Daily Physician's Pocket Record Notebook, 1877-1878
Mss. MsV Nr2 Seminary Notebook, 1827
Mss. MsV Nm13 Arithmetic Notebook, II, 1833
Mss. MsV Nme7 Medical Notebook, 1836
Mss. MsV Nm10 Arithmetic Notebook, I, circa 1780-1820
Mss. MsV Nmi1 Notebook and Military Data, circa 1780-1790
Mss. MsV Nme12 Physician's Notebook and Household Remedies, circa 1820-1840
Mss. MsV Nme11 Materia Medica Notebook, circa 1840-1850
Mss. Acc. 1991.51 and 2000.33 Elizabeth Nunn Papers, 1931-1975