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Holdings Beginning With "U"
Mss. MsV Ml1 U. S. Court Martial Book, 1864-1865
Mss. Acc. 2007.91 U.S.S. Attala Papers, 1945-1946
Mss. MsV Nr4 Heinrich Uebernasser Notebook, 1846-1847
Mss. Acc. 2011.061 Rosa C. Uebner Diaries, 1886-1890
Mss. Acc. 2010.203 Ukrainian National Association. Assembly No. 29 (Nanticoke, Pa.) Records, 1907-1946
Mss. MsV Mi4 Unchartered Banks of Virginia Minutes, 1816
Mss. Acc. 2012.243 Martha Ann Unger Scrapbook, 1935-1940
MS 00062 Union Baptist Church (Hopewell, Va.) Records, 1935-2010
Mss. Acc. 1992.59 Union Female Seminary Records, 1842-1843
Mss. Acc. 2010.006 Union Pacific Railway, St. Joseph and Western Railroad Division Payroll, 1880
Mss. 92 U9 United Daughters of the Confederacy Records, Williamsburg (Va.), 1890-1998
Mss. Acc. 1993.52 United Methodist Church Histories, Peninsula District, 1972
Mss. Acc. 2008.270 United States Army Paymaster General's Office Circulars, 1867-1869
Mss. Acc. 2008.204 United States Federal Nineteenth Century Government Publications, 1826-1878
Mss. 39.1 Un3 United States Military Collection, 1776-1946
Mss. Acc. 2008.88 United States Train Travel Diary, 1911-1912
UA 298 University Center Records, 1994-2008
UA 299 University Center in Virginia Records, 1947-1974
UA 61 University Communications Records, 1938-2005
UA 34.004 University of Malaya Memorandum of Understanding, 1997
UA 62 University Relations Records, 1970-2011
SC 00152 Unpublished Study of Montgomery C. Meigs by Carmen Brissette Grayson, circa 1997
Mss. 66 Up8 Upshur Family Papers, 1662-1936
Mss. Acc. 2011.605 Account Ledger and Diary (Upstate New York (N.Y.)), 1886-1907
Mss. Acc. 2008.337 USO Club, Williamsburg, Virginia, 1943-1946
Mss. Acc. 2012.328 USS Hyades Shipmates' Reunion Collection, circa 1940-1960
Mss. Acc. 2002.47 Peter Ustinov Play, undated