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Sylvester Welch Papers, 1809-1911


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Sylvester Welch Papers, 1809-1911
Mss. 39.2 W44
104.0 Items
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Scope and Contents of the Materials

Papers, 1809-1911, of the Welch family of Fauquier County, Va. Includes stock certificate, 1873, and letters, 1886, written to Franklin R. Welch; promissory notes, money orders and a tax bill of Luther M. Welch; legal documents concerning lawsuits against Sylvester Welch and other papers of Sylvester Welch; legal documents concerning other lawsuits in Fauquier County; and accounts.

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[Folder 1: Mss. 39.2 W44],

Folder 1: Mss. 39.2 W44
Sub-classification 1: Papers of Franklin R. Welch, 1886-1873
3 items.
Item 1: John E. Mason. Edge Hill, [King George Co., Va.], to Franklin R. Welch, The Plains, Va., June 18 1886
1p ALS.
Item 2: John E. Mason, Edge Hill, [King George Co.], Va., to Franklin R. Welch, The Plains, [Va.], November 26 1886
1p. ALS.
Item 3: Certificate for one share of stock in Washington City, Virginia Midland and Great Southern Railroad Co., issued to Franklin R. Welch., November 28 1873
1p. DS.
Sub-classification 2: Papers of Luther M. Welch, 1853-1872
9 items.
Item 1: Promissory notes, 1853-1855
6 items.
Item 2: Postal Money Orders, 1854-1855
2 items. DsS.
Item 3: Tax bill for land in Scott Township, Fauquier [Co., Va.], 1872
1 item. DS.
Sub-classification 3: Papers of Sylvester Welch
Sub-classification 1: Related law suits, 1855-1859
6 items.
Item 1: George Knight vs. Sylvester Welch, Fauquier County, Virginia, March 2 1855
1p. DS.
Item 2: Dunham and Kearfott, merchants, vs. Sylvester Welch, Fauquier County, Virginia, March 16-30 1855
3 items. DsS.
Item 3: Frederick Fickey & Sons, assignees of Luther M. Welch, Fauquier County, Virginia, December 17 1856
1p. DS.
Item 4: E.W. Kincheloe vs. Sylvester Welch, Luther M. Welch, and George L. Cochran, Fauquier County, Virginia, February 18 1859
1p. DS.
Sub-classification 2: Legal Papers and Letters, 1841-1866
4 items.
Item 1: Lewis T. Prichartt, Centreville, [Fairfax County, Va.] to Silvester [sic] Welch, White Planes, Fauquier [Co.], Va, April 19 1841
1p ALS.
Item 2: Fire insurance policies issued by the Insurance Company of the Valley of Virginia, Va., insuring buildings in Fauquier County owned by Sylvester Welch, 1857-1866
3 items. PDsS.
Sub-classification 3: Accounts, invoices, receipts, and notes, 1812-1872
44 items.
Sub-classification 4: Unrelated invoices, receipts, and notes, 1809-1911
12 items.
Sub-classification 5: Miscellaneous papers, 1836-1902
14 items
Item 1: Deed to a tract of land in Fauquier County, Virginia, made between James O'Bannon and Lucy, his wife, and Frances O'Bannon., July 4 1836
2 items. DsS.
Item 2: Inspection reports on flour, Alexandria, District of Columbia, [Va.], 1826-1835
4 items. Ds.
Item 3: Flyers, contract, advertisements, notes, and newspaper clippings, 1870-1902
8 items
Sub-classification 6: Unrelated law suits, 1815-1835
12 items.
Item 1: Walter A. Smith vs. H. Peyton, Fauquier [Co.] Superior Court, [Va.], 1815
1p. DS.
Item 2: John Brown vs. Daniel French, Fauquier County, Virginia, February 17 1821
1p. DS.
Item 3: Henry Glascock vs. Thomas Birch, Faquier County, Virginia, March 7 1821
1p. DS.
Item 4: Benjamin Glascock vs. [?] Bent, Fauquier [Co.] Superior Court, [Va.], April 1821-September 1824
6 items
Item 5: Richard Thomas vs. John Crouch, Fauquier County, Virginia, April 11 1821
1p. DS.
Item 6: Thomas Clarke vs. Samuel Gregg, Fauquier County, Virginia, April 18 1821
1p. DS.
Item 7: Sylvester Welch, Jr. vs. Notley W. Jones, Fauquier County, Virginia, January 18 1835
1p. DS.

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[Folder 1: Mss. 39.2 W44],

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Special Collections Research Center
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Alice Virginia Maddux of Marshall, VA
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Mss. MsV Ad239-258 <mark class="highlight0">Welch</mark> Family Account Books
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Sylvester Welch Papers, Special Collections Research Center, Swem Library, College of William and Mary.
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