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College of William and Mary

College of William and Mary
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Records or Manuscript Collections
275th Anniversary Celebration Records, 1967-1969
American Association of University Professors, College of William and Mary Chapter Records, 1924-1979
University Archives Artifact Collection, 1693-2014
Ash Lawn-Highland Records, 1978-1998
University Archives Audiovisual Collection, 1930-2015
Awards and Scholarships Collection, 1940-ongoing
Brafferton Estate Collection, 1691-1935
Karla K. Bruno Papers, 2007-2010
Burgesses Day Collection, 1962-1986
Chancellor Academy Records, 2003
Chaplain's School Records, 1944-1957
Chapman House Collection, 1957
Christmas Activities Collection, 1942-[ongoing]
Class Histories and Activities Collection, 1905-2014
College of William and Mary Coat of Arms, 1929
Joseph Cohron Papers, 1929-1942
College Laundry Records, 1950-1955
College Papers Collection, 1693-1953
College Rules Collection, 1849-1955
College Wide Reading Program Records, 1968-1974
Colonial Festival Records, 1953-1961
Colonial Williamsburg Policies Affecting the College of William and Mary Collection, 2003
Commission on the University of the 21th Century, 1991
Computer Center Records, 1963-2003
William and Mary Cultural Center and Research Center Records, 1950-1951
Office of the Dean of Graduate Students Records, 1968-1992
University Archives Diploma Collection, 1756-1984
Office of the Executive Vice President. Carter O. Lowance Records, 1961-1962, 1968-1974
Exhibit of Gifts to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, 1957-1984
Exhibits on Campus, 1940-1982
Faculty Circulars, 1922-1975
Financial and Student Records, Assorted, 1888-1938
Financial Records, 1920s-1940s
Foreign Film Festival Records, 1980-[ongoing]
Governor's Conference Records, 1957
University Archives Greetings File Collection, 1941-1993
Hampton Roads-Peninsula War Studies Committee Records, 1940-1951
Historic Campus Records, 1891-2009
Horatian Bimillenium Records, 1935
Hourly and Classified Employees Association (HACE) Records, 1986-2010
Humanities Division Records, 1948-1984
Information Resources Study Records, 1975-1976
Institute of Inter-American Affairs Records, 1930-1939
Institute of International Affairs Records, 1931-1932
Institute of Law, Government, and Citizenship Records, 1960-1961
Institute on the Teaching of Latin Records, 1938-1980
Intercollegiate Debate Council Records, 1931-1997
Jamestown Celebration Records, 1957-2007
John Marshall Pageant Records, 1922
Marilyn Kaemmerle Collection, 1945
John Marshall Bicentennial Celebration Collection, 1954-1955
NASA Collection, 1988-1994
Elizabeth Archer Barnard Nickels Papers, 1928-1953
University Archives Oral History Collection, 1959-2013 and undated
Orientation Collection, 1938-2013
Peninsula School Fair Records, 1913-1915
University Archives Photograph Collection, 1856-2015
University Archives Poster Collection, 1926-2014
Presidential Debate Records, 1976
Robert Preston Papers, 1777-1864
Eleanor Harvey Rennie Papers, 1945
Seminar Records, 1956
Seminars and Workshops presented at the College Collection, 1940-1989
Special Events Records, 1968-1986
Summer Session Records, 1912-1918, 1969
Summit of Industrialized Nations Collection, 1983
Surveyors' Day Records, 1957-1958
Tercentenary Records, 1987-1993
Thomas Jefferson Day Records, 1957-1957
University of Malaya Memorandum of Understanding, 1997
Vergilian Bimillennium Celebration Records, 1930
Todd W. Weaver Collection, 2010-2012
Thomas L. Williams Papers, 1915-1993
Unprocessed Holdings
Confederate Battle Flag/Seal of CSA Emblems from the College Mace, 1922
Hays Watkins rector memorabilia, 1993
Mary Lucy Clarke Class ring, 1934
Phi Beta Kappa Key of Joseph Ewart Healy, W&M Class of 1910, 1910
Photographs of Thriller Dance World Record Breaking Attempt at William and Mary, 2009
Tribe Spring Sports Home Schedule Magnet, 2009
Digital Content
Audio recording of 'College Athletics as Big Business--Where to Now?' from episode 60 of the 'Williamsburg Weekly' radio program, 1981
Audio recording of the entire epidsode 60 of the 'Williamsburg Weekly' radio program, 1981
Brafferton Estate Collection, 1691-1935
Buildings & Grounds—Alumni House, 1942-2010
Campus Map, circa 1962
Chancellor--Robe, 1943-1993
Charter Day 1999, February 6, 1999
Charter Day 2000 and Dinner, February 11, 2000
Charter Day, 2001
College of William & Mary Homecoming Film, November 18, 1939
College of William & Mary Homecoming Parade Film, November 18, 1939
Dueling, circa 1802-1950
Film of the May Fete and Commencement, May 1939
Finding aid
Henry Marshall Ashby Biographical Information, 1853-1854
Information Point: The College Athletic Study, WMBG Radio Program, 1974
J.J. Lankes woodcut record, 1972
Lake Matoaka and Matoaka Woods, 1933-1998
Report to the President, Committee on Employment Opportunities, circa 2001
Satoshi Ito Oral History Interview, June 30, 2009
William and Mary Charter Day 1994, February 5, 1994
William and Mary Charter Day 2003, February 8, 2003
William and Mary Television Services Production on the Jefferson Hall Fire, March 1983
William Dawson Faculty-Alumni file excerpts, 1743-1752