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Filipino American Student Association (1991-)

Filipino American Student Association (1991-)
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Historical Note
The constitution of the Filipino American Student Association (FASA) at the College of William and Mary dates from December 1991. The group's activities include Welcome Dinner, Thanksgiving socials, Christmas socials, and End-of-the-Year BBQ. FASA maintains a Kuya/Ate (Big Brother/Big Sister) program, celebrates Filipino-American History Month in October, and puts on an annual Culture Night show. Held during the Spring semester in front of a sold-out audience, Culture Night is a grand production showcasing music, dance, and drama, combined with Filipino and Filipino-American culture. FASA is also a member of the District 7 sector of the Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue (FIND), a national organization that brings together Filipino collegiate groups through dialogues, conferences, and socials. Some of FASA's presidents include: 1998-1999: Christian Jose 1999-2000: Rechelle Apolonio 2000-2001: Jeremy de Milo 2001-2002: Jeremy de Milo 2002-2003: Danielle Miranda 2003-2004: Carmela Laygo 2004-2005: Louise Lockett 2005-2006: Heather Soloria 2006-2007: 2007-2008: Anthony Elopre and Carling Sitterley 2008-2009: Steven Enriquez Current information about FASA is available at its website: http://web.wm.edu/so/fasa/.
http://web.wm.edu/so/fasa/ and records.
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