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Gregory, John M. II (1804-1884)

Gregory, John M. II (1804-1884)
Fuller Form
John Munford Gregory II
Historical Note
Governor John Munford Gregory, oldest son of John Munford Gregory and Letitia Power Graves, was born in Charles City County, VA, on the 8th of July, 1804. He taught school in James City County before entering the college of William and Mary in 1828. In 1830, he graduated with a law degree and was elected to the state legislature, serving until 1836. He returned to the General Assembly in 1841, becoming a Senior Councillor. He succeeded John Rutherfourd in March of 1842 and served as Governor of Virginia until1843, when he resumed his private law practice. He was appointed District Attorney for the Eastern Virginia District in 1853 by president Franklin Pierce, and he held the position until 1860, when he was elected Judge of the 6th Judicial Circuit. After the outbreak of the civil war, he returned to his private law practice once more before reelection as Virginia Commonwealth Attorney. Gregory held this position until his retirement in 1880. He was married to Martha "Amanda" Wallace, and together they had six children: William Wallace, John Munford Jr., Letitia("Letty"), Margaret ("Mag"), Mary ("Mollie"), and Martha("Mattie"). The Hon. John M. Gregory died April 9, 1884.


All information comes from the Gregory Family Papers themselves, predominantly from an article in the December 18, 1903, issue of the Southside Sentinel.

Note Author
Emily Eklund