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Martha Gregory (1809-1894)

Martha Gregory (1809-1894)
Variant Name
Amanda Gregory, Amanda Wallace
Fuller Form
Martha "Amanda" Wallace Gregory
Historical Note
Martha "Amanda" Wallace was born in 1809 to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wallace in Petersburg, VA. She married John Munford Gregory, a prominent Virginia lawyer, who served as a state legislator, Governor, and Judge. For the majority of their marriage, the Gregory's made their home in Charles City County, VA. She is the mother of two sons (Dr. William Thomas Wallace Gregory and the Hon. John Munford Gregory) and four daughters (Letitia "Letty" Gregory, Margaret "Mag" Gregory, Mary "Mollie" Gregory and Martha "Mattie" Gregory). Amanda Gregory died in February of 1894.
All information for this biographical note is drawn from the Gregory Family Papers.
Note Author
Emily Eklund