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Jenkins, Minnie Braithwaite (1874-1954)

Jenkins, Minnie Braithwaite (1874-1954)
Variant Name
Braithwaite, Minnie Galt
Historical Note
Minnie Braithwaite Jenkins was a resident of Williamsburg, Virginia and author of "Babes in the Woods at Jamestown District School, 1891" and "Girl from Williamsburg" published 1951. Additional information is available at http://scdb.swem.wm.edu/wiki/index.php/Minnie_G._Braithwaite . Further information about this individual or organization may be available in the Special Collections Research Center Wiki: http://scdb.swem.wm.edu/wiki/index.php/Minnie Braithwaite Jenkins.
Acc. 1993.20 and 1993.66 Minnie Braithwaite Jenkins Collection.
Note Author
Anne Johnson

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Bucktrout-Braithwaite Papers, 1780-1996