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Beverley, Robert (d. 1800)

Beverley, Robert (d. 1800)
Historical Note
The following biographical sketch is not meant to be exhaustive but merely a brief genealogical sketch of the main contributors/creators of this collection. A more definitive source on the Beverly genealogy can be found in the book, The Beverley family of Virginia; descendants of Major Robert Beverley, 1641-1687, and allied families, by John McGill. Robert Beverley (d.1800) was born in "Blandfield" Virginia. He received his education in England and was elected to the state legislature in 1780 but never took his seat. He married Maria Carter (1745-1817) of "Sabine Hall" Richmond County, Virginia. Together they had the following sixteen children: William Beverley (1763-1823), Maria Beverley (1764-1824), Robert Beverley (1766-1767), Robert Beverley (1769-1843), Lucy Beverley (1771-1854), Burton Beverley (1772-1781), Carter Beverley (b. 1774), Byrd Beverley (b. 1775), James Mills Beverley (1776-1779), Anna Munford Beverley (1778-1830), Munford Beverley (1779-1820), Peter Randolph Beverley (b. 1780), Evelyn Byrd Beverley (1782-1836), McKenzie Beverley (b. 1783), Jane Bradshaw Beverley (1784-1814), Harriet Beverley (1786-1829). The fourth child of Robert Beverley (d.1800), Robert Beverley (1769-1843), like his father, was also educated in England. He married Jane Tayloe (1774-1816) and lived in "Blandfield." Together they had the following six children: William Bradshaw Beverley (1791-1866), Maria Beverley (d. 1822), Rebecca Tayloe Beverley (d. 1822), James Bradshaw Beverley (b. 1797), Jane Bradshaw Beverley (1805-1822), and Roberta Beverley. Three of the children contracted typhoid fever and died in 1822 upon a visit home to "Blandfield" to visit their parents. The fifth child of Robert Beverley (d.1800), Lucy Beverley (1771-1854) married Brett Randolph (1766-1828) of "Curles Neck," Henrico County, Virginia in 1789. They had the following eleven children: a son Randolph (1790-1790), Capt. Edward Brett Randolph (1792-1848), Dr. Robert Carter Randolph (1793-1854), Richard Randolph (1795-1885), Victor Moreau Randolph (1797-1876), John Thomson Randolph (1800-1819), Benjamin Franklin Randolph (1801-1802), Benjamin Franklin Randolph (1803-1890), Ryland Randolph (1805-1853), Theoderick Bland Randolph (b. 1807), and Ann Maria Randolph (1811-1845). Further information about this individual or organization may be available in the Special Collections Research Center Wiki: http://scrc.swem.wm.edu/wiki/index.php/Robert Beverley .

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