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Bosworth, John Woodbridge

Bosworth, John Woodbridge
Variant Name
Woody, Woodbridge Bosworth, John W. Bosworth
Historical Note
John Woodbridge Bosworth, otherwise known as Woody, Woodbridge, and John W., was the uncle of John Bosworth Fling, brother of Mary Fling, and son of John L. Bosworth. He attended Tulane Law school and others in an attempt to get his law degree in the 1930s. He then turned to writing and was successful in publishing a number of short stories, some of which were published in the liberal publication [i]Story[/i] magazine. He was a school teacher in the Elkins public school. After his first story is published he began to correspond with a young lady by the name of Gloria Kenison about their shared love of writing and the publications in the [i]Story[/i]. He worked for a while as a professor of literature. In 1936 he ran for West Virginia state office as delegate. He was successful and served one term. In 1939 he published a novel, [i]The Birth of a Boy[/i] with Jarrett Printing Co. He eventually became the Colonel of the West Virginia Department of Public Safety. Records held in this collection include his personal correspondence, including letters to and from Martha Dodd, records from the Department of Public Safety, school records, photographs, and manuscripts from some of his stories and his novel. He eventually started his own newspaper, the Elkins Mailer. Further information about this individual or organization may be available in the Special Collections Research Center Wiki: http://scrc.swem.wm.edu/wiki/index.php/John Woodbridge Bosworth.

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Bosworth and Fling Family Papers, circa 1890-1960