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Wythe, George (1726-1806)

Wythe, George (1726-1806)
Historical Note
George Wythe was born in 1726 in Elizabeth City County, Va. He attended the College of William and Mary. Wythe studied law and was a member and clerk of the House of Burgesses. Member of Continental Congress. Signed Declaration of Independence. Speaker of House of Delegates. Judge of Virginia High Court of Chancery. Professor of Law and Police at William and Mary, 1779- 1790. Moved to Richmond where he died in 1806.

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Records or Manuscript Collections
George Wythe Legal Advice and Plantiff's Bill, 1774 and 1801
Francis Little Collection, 1770-1864
Thomas B. Martin Executors' Petition, circa 1799
Littlebury Mason Law License, 1775
George Wythe Collection, 1779-1927
Digital Content
Edmund Randolph Letter, 1780