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White, Ambrose H. (1800-1881)

White, Ambrose H. (1800-1881)
Historical Note
Captain Ambrose H. White was born in Marblehead, Massachusets, 1800 December 17, and began his career at sea when he was 13. At the age of 23, White achieved the rank of master and continued to sail for 30 years, 12 years of which was in the China and Batavia, later Indonesia, trade. In 1824, he resided in Newburyport, Massachusetts and became a Calcutta merchant until his death. White married Harriet Spalding on 1834 April 20, and joined the Marine Society of Newburyport in 1838. Captain White commanded the ships [i]Virginia, Potomac, Ashtabula, Argonaut, Ashburton, Alciope, Franchise, [/i]and [i]Moses Brown[/i]. He died in Boston, Massachusetts on 1881 June 3 at the age of 80.

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Ambrose H. White Letter Book, 1828-1834